When you're done dealing with little boys and you're ready to be handled by a real man, then the Big Bad Men are coming for you!

Each book in the Big Bad Men series can be read as a standalone, although they share the same world, and there may be crossover between characters here and there. The "heroes" of these books are outlaws, criminals, and alpha males who have embraced the darker side of life, while the heroines are quite often "innocent" and get dragged kicking and screaming into lives they could have never imagined!

Expect polyamory, bisexuality/homosexuality (hell, just expect every letter of  LGBTQ+), reverse harems/menage, and plenty of kinky chivalry throughout!

Embrace the dark might just enjoy it!



Christopher Coyle, Dark & Stormy Knight Design


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Olivia will do whatever it takes to support her baby brothers. She dropped out of college and took a job working as an overnight housekeeper at one of the most infamous hotels in Las Vegas. However, when she gets a call to clean-up a room, she doesn’t expect to come across the scene of a murder…or the three dangerous men who are there to get rid of the evidence. 


Kirill “The Clean” Sergeivich Konstantinov works for the Volkovich Group, a high ranking Bratva brigadier whose personal team specializes in ensuring no evidence remains at a crime scene. When a “Peace Talk” goes horribly awry, he and his team head for The Hotel to clean up the mess and find out who’s to blame for the fuck up – and deal with them, permanently. 


Blaer “Scrubs” Thorsson was a medical examiner until he was framed by a corrupt DA. Now, he’s a Nomad for the Howling Heathens Motorcycle club, and he’s been called in to find out just what the fuck happened during the “Peace Talks” going on at The Hotel, and to make sure nothing there leads back to the HHMC. 


Giacomo “Jack B. Quick” Bianco’s family owns The Hotel, and he was supposed to be at the meeting, but was unavoidably detained…and now, he’s been assigned to watch the Cleaner and the Investigator figure out what happened before things get out of hand and a turf war explodes between the Bratva, the Mafia, and the MC. 


All three men have a job to do, and although they’ve worked together before, they’re not exactly on friendly terms. Then the Cleaning Lady stumbles into the mess and throws all of their plans into shambles! 


They need to keep her from calling the police. They should get rid of any witnesses. Instead, they decide to set aside their differences, and claim the pretty little housekeeper for their very own. Too bad she’s going to have to teach them how to share! Oh yeah, they also have to stop their organizations from painting the streets red with blood, and a murder to solve before it’s too late. No pressure! 


Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but this Cleaning Lady is going to get taken by the Cleaners and learn that being dirty can be so much more fun! 


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Christopher Coyle, Dark & Stormy Knight Design



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