Currently residing in Honolulu, HI with his partner of many years, C.A. Knight is the obvious pen-name for Christopher M. Coyle, a not-so-young-anymore graphic designer and former tabletop roleplaying game designer who finally got off his Irish derriere to make a serious go at writing novels.


A former Yeoman in the U.S. Navy who has worked more jobs than he cares to remember, he grew up an Air Force BRAT, and being a bit of a Traveler at heart, has been lucky enough to live all over the world. He tries to bring that expansive world view and love for all things strange and unusual to his writing.


An avid reader from an early age, he got hooked on romance novels early on, and those mixed with horror, science fiction, and fantasy novels, as well as his Irish/European heritage, found solace in a love of the mythology, languages, the supernatural and paranormal.


A firm believer that love can wear different guises and come in many different forms, he writes stories that mingle his fascination with history and legends along with a belief that everyone deserves a happily ever after.


C.A. Knight also writes paranormal/space opera/fantasy romances under the pen name of C.A. Storm!

The HIGHLAND HEATHENS is the name of the first series C.A. Knight is planning to release in 2018! STAY TUNED!



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