Under his guise as "C.A. Storm," Kinkaid writes paranormal/urban fantasy, fantasy, and space opera romances, but for those stories with a more contemporary and/or erotic twist, he has embraced a new persona.

Drawing on his love of romance and of strong, alpha males, Kinkaid Knight's stories draw inspiration from the wild life he's lived. Writing what he loves to read, his stories involve motorcycle clubs, criminals & crooks, soldiers & warriors, and men who do more than flirt with the dark side of life - they've embraced it.

His stories are for those who have tired of dealing with little boys, and are ready to be handled by real men. Some stories do involve polyamory/polyandry, alternate sexualities, violence and intense passion. These stories are not for the faint of heart... enjoy!

Embrace kinky chivalry - where being naughty is being nice!

AKA: #TheIrishViking #BeardedWolf #TheKinkyKnight


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