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Changing Gears

I've got to be honest, y'all... I've had a tough time getting into the proper mindset for some of my books. I shifted gears from "normal" Paranormal Romance into Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem because I got adopted by some in the community, and since I loved the community, felt that I should put out some RHUF stuff! And... I just love the acronym 'RHUF' so look for any excuse to use it. So Yuki Shiro: 0 Absolutes was written as my "Love Letter" to the Reverse Harem community. I love the characters, love the story, love the world. Originally, it was going to be a Christmas Short, then it started to grow too large, so it became the first novel in a series that was going to explore Japanese mythology in a North American Paranormal context. Before I started to work on the 2nd book, I wrote up Emerald Ire, switching over to my beloved Irish mythology, for a Saint Patrick's Anthology with a bunch of those same authors who had adopted me. Another RHUF, I figured I could get back to it when I wanted to re-release it and flesh it out into a full series. Then last Summer hit me hard, and I totally got knocked off the rails. I had to cancel some preorders, which revoked my Preorders on Amazon "privilege," because instead of working on my original stories, I felt the need to really start putting out as many RH novels as I could in as short amount of time as possible.

Unfortunately, none of my books were doing well, at all. I haven't My Paranormal, non-RH, series stalled out and I wasn't advertising or engaging outside of the RH community. My RH novels just didn't seem to click with any readers, and I completely lost the will to continue them. The character voices went silent, and unfortunately, I'm one of those writers that cannot/WILL NOT write when I'm not actually inspired. I do not write to market. I do not speed my way through a book and put out less than my absolute best story because I need to get it out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, which is kind of counter-productive in the grand scheme of the current Indie Publishing Scene. Instead of being inspired by my current books, my mind drifted a bit aimlessly, plotting out other romance novels, letting myself get completely distracted. But recently, it hit me. I think my problem is that I'm kind of over the Urban Fantasy scene at the moment...I'm not an Urban Fantasy writer, I'm a ROMANCE writer, and the two are very different genres and styles of writing!

I don't want to write a never-ending Urban Fantasy series that goes on for 20 books, with the female protagonist constantly powering up like Sailor Moon Z going to Ouran High School Academy, with the occasional sex scene tossed in. While I enjoy reading them, I don't think my heart is in writing them. I like a shared world continuing series, but each book is a couple (group, whatevs) getting their Happily Ever After, but the torch is passed on to other primary protagonists. I want to write my Motorcycle Club Contemporary Romance!

I want to write my Paranormal Historical Romance and my Scottish Historical Romances!

I want to write my new Dystopian Omegaverse stories! Which will be menage/RH, but each one is going to be a standalone in a shared world and not drawn out! I want to write some more ELF Omegas and actually write some proper gay paranormal romances!

I want to write more Alien Sci-Fi Romances and get back to my first love of Paranormal Romance.

But I've felt "bound" to trying to complete one of my RHUFs, and I think I just need to set them aside for awhile until those voices start actually speaking to me again. Eventually, I may come back to these, or release them sporadically, when the mood hits. I'm not leaving the Reverse Harem Community, as either a reader or as an author, but I think my RHUFs are going into a Cher-Style Temporary Retirement. Eventually, they'll make a resurgence and be completed... but if I want to seriously make a career out of being a romance writer, I need to produce romance novels that are at least connecting with some audience and I just don't think my audience is in RHUF right now! Hopefully, once I get my mind back on track, I'll be producing novels again and loving what I'm writing, instead of dreading what I need to write. Here's hoping, anyways! Peace Out for Now! Chris



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