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Storming Into 2019!

It's been a strange, wild ride this last year! I had plans, but they fell through when I got knocked a bit off-track. I did still manage to get a few projects published, but nothing of serious note--entirely my fault, and this year I'm determined to get back on track and take things far more seriously!

With that in mind, I sat down last week and put together a spreadsheet and plan-of-attack, affectionately referred to as my "Hit List," and I thought I'd share it with y'all--hopefully, to keep me honest, and on track!

2019 Be More Social!

This is actually my biggest goal for the year. I'm kinda-sorta-in a way-maybe active on Facebook as an author, but I haven't actually started leveraging all the power inherent in social media. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, MeWe are just the start, as well as being more proactive on Facebook in my group and in other groups.

First, of course, I need to be more proactive on making sure that this website stays up-to-date with books, releases, and even some references on my currently available novels!

I also want to get this blog going, explain a bit about my writing processes, some behind-the-scenes developmental stuff that may not only be of interest to my readers but also to potential future writers. Additionally, I'm going to start working on getting my newsletter off the ground! Speaking of which, you can sign up for my newsletter HERE! 2019 Total Word Count Goal: Over 1,000,000 words!

Yes, you read that right! Ideally, I've set that as my ultimate goal for the year. That's an awfully large target number, and given that I had a slow year in 2018, may seem to be a bit unrealistic to some people...but the way that my mind works, I'd rather shoot for the moon and hit the stars over pussyfooting around! Go big or go home! Now, every last one of those words is actually accounted for, and then some--scattered between short stories, novellas, and novels! Quite a few of those are actually already in various states of completion, they've just been sitting unfinished in my Cloud, but I'm not counting any of those words! Nope, I'm aiming for 1,000,000+ shiny, brand new, never before been typed by my finger words!

Want to know how many projects that covers? Well, currently, that covers 18 total projects of various lengths. Some of the projects I'm not quite ready to discuss, so stay tuned for more details on those Mysterious Projects.

2019 Series Wrap-Ups

I have 3 series that I'm looking to get wrapped up the first half of this year...series that I should have wrapped up last year, but see above regarding getting knocked off track.

A Wolf in Period Clothing, book 3 of Cœur de Lyon: A Renaissance Flair is in the works, and I'm eyeballing an April release. For now, I'm going to be retiring CdL - there just hasn't been the reader interest and I'm kind of ready to move on to other projects. I love the world, and I love the characters, so I may eventually return, and if I do so will plan a massive re-release extravaganza! This will not be removed from Amazon! And paperbacks will be coming soon, hopefully in tandem with the release of book 3, which wraps up the first story arc I had planned (the "before the Faire starts" arc).

Likewise with The Night Parade: Yuki Shiro. Book 2's draft is nearly finished, and will be released...eventually. The characters sort of went off on their own little side adventures, and since there wasn't a huge amount of interest in the first book, I think she too is going to be temporarily retired! What's this mean? I'm probably going to pull the book from Amazon for now, do some re-writing of book 1, revise and expand book 2, debate a book 3, and once the entire story is complete, I'll re-release, probably going wide.

The Dwellers Below, being a shorter series of novellas, will be releasing 1 novella a month through March, marking the 1 year anniversary of the original release of Emerald Ire! There are five titles total in this series, and I'm still debating whether or not I want to do a collected edition or leave them as solo novellas.

2019 New Projects!

With the "temporary" retirement of Cœur de Lyon & The Night Parade, and with the completion of The Dwellers Below, I'm moving on to other Worlds and even new genres! These will be entirely new projects, and there are a couple of them! The first big new world, "Kryptic Tales" has already been introduced through the short story "Alabaster's Gift" in the Holidays Between the Sheets Anthology. This world is a modern fantasy adventure setting...not quite Urban Fantasy, since although it does involve modern day Earth, it also takes place in the alternate reality of Kryptos, where the myths and legends are true! It's a mix of mythology, legends, and fairy tales, with an equal emphasis on the Romance and the Adventure. The stories will be completely standalone, although they'll take place in the same world, and while some may include Reverse Harem or Menages, some of them may be M/F or even M/M, spread throughout novels, novellas, and short stories. I'm eyeing April for the first Kryptic novel, with a potential second one around July/August.

The second big new world will actually be only released within a collection of Anthologies coming from Paladin Press this summer/fall! There are 3 anthologies, and the full-length stories included in each anthology will share a world, although they can each be read as a standalone. I'll reveal more details about this world as we get closer, but I can tell you that the new world is a paranormal post-apocalyptic Omegaverse setting, and these three will all be Reverse Harems, although if I continue in this setting, that may not always hold true! The next universe will actually be introduced in February, again beginning with a short story, standalone in the Between the Sheets Valentine's anthology, releasing in February! The PSIJINX universe is a space opera setting, with the first short story a standalone revolving around a side character who will play an important part in the first full-length Psijinx novel, releasing (hopefully) in June! There are a few others that I'm not quite ready to mention yet, however, they include: * A Paranormal Historical Romance (m/f) or two

* A Contemporary Motorcycle Club Romance (m/f) or two


Scattered throughout the year, there will be a few other surprise projects and releases, not the least of which is the re-release of ELF Omegas, my MMmMM gay harem Omegaverse story from the Deadly Night Anthology! The re-release will be expanded into a full-length novel, and I'm thinking that each Christmas, I'll be releasing another new ELF Omega novel!

Stay Tuned & Stay Awesome! Chris "C.A."



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