Beginning with YUKI SHIRO: 0 ABSOLUTES, a new complication is introduced to the tangled skein of supernaturals converging at the Cœur de Lyon Estates in Colorado, as The Night Parade (Japanese supernaturals) decide to make their presence known to the world. It is connected to the world shared by the A Renaissance Flair novels, but no previous knowledge of those books is necessary—just some shared characters.


These novels are Paranormal Reverse Harem/Polyamorous Fantastical Romance with a strong Urban Fantasy leaning, with one girl and a bunch of guys who are all fated to be together. There may eventually be some sword-crossing, both figuratively and literally, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!



My name is Yuki Shiro. I am the daughter of winter and shadow. Since birth, I have been trained to be a thief, a spy, and an assassin. I hate my life.


Okay, that was a lie. I kind of love my life, but it just got a lot more complicated. See, I have been summoned to stand before the Empress of Shadows, the wife of my biological father, which makes her my “stepmother,” to receive a mission of vital importance. Great! This totally won’t be a suicide mission.


She’s ordered me to travel to someplace in the middle of nowhere in America, under the cover of a diplomatic representative attending the Yuletide Celebration of some guy claiming the title of High King of the Gray Sidhe. While I’m there, I’m supposed to somehow figure out a way into the rumored underground city beneath the Cœur de Lyon Estates, steal a mirror, avoid any complications or guards, and then bring it back all the way to Tokyo, without getting caught.


Don’t ask me why she wants a mirror, she’s a bit of a crazy woman, but as Empress, her word is law. I don’t have much choice in the matter.


Oh, and to make things even worse? I seem to have developed this strange tattoo that’s decided to grow across my chest, and just what in the name of Susanō’s Ten-Grip-Sword are these empty circles supposed to represent? I’m cursed, aren’t I? That wicked empress probably cursed me. Great.


Can my life get any more complicated?


Christopher M. Coyle, The Dark and Stormy Knight




Harper Llewellyn is tired of the expectations her father’s family have put upon her for the last twenty years. When an opportunity to escape her controlling grandparents lands in her lap, she packs her bags and gear, hops into her truck, and heads to the Colorado Rockies to spend a few months doing what she always wanted to do – create delicate works of art with glass. Her expectations of a relaxing getaway to the exclusive Cœur de Lyon Estates and Village, however, are shattered when she runs headlong a big, brash, obnoxious, and too danged sexy blacksmith.


Bård “Bard” Ulvfang loves his life. The youngest of identical triplets, while his eldest brother has to deal with the headaches of running a large pack of American Viking werewolves, and his other brother runs the family and pack’s corporate interests, Bard gets to do what he loves most – run his custom motorcycle business and serve as a blacksmith for the Cœur de Lyon Renaissance & Fantasy Faire. His booth, Ulvfang Metalworking, is popular for both its steel and for the live demonstrations where he wears little more than a leather smock and kilt, which has made him quite popular with the saucy lasses that attend the Faire. He’s been looking forward to starting another year at the Faire, when he runs into the most uptight, repressed, flighty, and too danged beautiful new glass artisan.


Harper and Bard are both used to dealing with the heat, but the sparks that fly between the Blacksmithing Wolf and the repressed Glass Witch threaten to ignite an inferno neither is prepared for. Throw in a mysterious presence intent on causing mischief, meddling friends and families, and a witch’s whose magic is more than ready to run wild, and this year’s Faire will be off to a hot start!


Christopher M. Coyle, The Dark and Stormy Knight



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